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Welcome to TEESO, The Essential Electronic School Office. We provide schools — pre-K through 12 — with efficient administration services that allow for easy scheduling and sign-ups, seamlessly connecting parents, teachers, and administrators. We are dedicated to providing schools and parents with an exceptional and cost effective online service.

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See how TEESO can help your school by trying one of our online demos. Choose between either the Self-Directed Tour or our Guided Tour. We recommend trying our Guided Tour, which allows you to view how the system works and to ask one of our representatives questions about the product. (continued)

Increase Parent Involvement by 50%

Our online Parent/Teacher Conference scheduling and sign-ups has significantly increased parent participation and involvement in their children's school lives. With easy 24-hour sign-ups and automatic reminder emails, it's no wonder why schools and parents alike love TEESO. (continued)

Why Schools and Parents Love TEESO

Collège du Léman
"TEESO Online Parent/Teacher conference sign-up induced an extremely positive change in the way our school handled such events in the past. Not only did it considerably lower the administrative burden linked to organizing such meetings, but it also eased the lives of our students' parents." (continued)

Jean-François Maeder
Director of Studies, Principal of Primary School
Head of ICT Integration
Collège du Léman is a member of the Meritas family of schools
Route de Sauverny 74 | PO Box 156 | CH-1290 Versoix-Geneva