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Covid-19 Health Check-in

Health Check-in

Parents attest daily to the health of their children before entering the school using a smartphone user friendly app. A link is sent one or more times a day via email or text message or both to the parents. The messages are only sent to parents who have not attested to their cheildren's health already. The link brings up the Health Check-in questions and they have Yes/No answers. The parent answers the questions for each child. They and the school then have access to the certificate of the day. The certificate lists the student's name, Pass/Fail, the date and time it was attested to, and by whom. The certificate background color is red if the health check-in failed or the certificate is the color of the day if they pass. If parents make a mistake answering the questions they can resubmit their answers with an explanation.

Employees of the school can also be in the system and attest to their own health like the parents do for their children.

The school enters their questions into the system and can have as many questions as they want. The school also enters the text for the emails and text messages. The time of days when the emails and text messages are broadcast is determined by the school. Daily realtime reports are available on who has passed, who has failed, and who has not answered the questions. The failed questions are also tracked by student. The data can be easily exported to your speadsheet program to do your own reporting.

The TEESO Health Check-in cost is a flat fee of $250 per school for the life of the pandemic. We are keeping the price low because of these challenging times.

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